A Magnet to a Flame

SubTitle: A Collection of 28 Stories and 3 Poems
Book Category: Fiction > Fantasy > General
Author: Shawn Patrick Cooke
Binding: Paperback
ISBN 10: 1793378134
ISBN 13: 9781793378132
Price:  9.99
Publication Year: 2019
Alternative Binding: e-book
Alternative ISBN 10: 6294
Alternative ISBN 13: 079629
Alternative Price:  2.99
Alternative Publication Year: 2019

Publisher/Contact Info

Shawn Patrick Cooke

10944 Forest Trace Lane 10944 Forest Trace Lane,
Glen Allen, Virginia - 23059
Country: USA
Phone: 2024418997
Email: shawnpcooke@gmail.com
Web: http://
Book Description

A video store that transports you through time. Immortality from a microwave oven. A trip across the Atlantic, from the comfort of an armchair. From the mind of Shawn Patrick Cooke comes a collection of stories that brush gently against reality.