The New Title Showcase is an official exhibit at The London Book Fair and Bookexpo America. The Global Rights Showcase is an official exhibit of the New York Rights Fair. These shows are low-cost ways for publishers and authors to have their titles-both print and digital-on display at major international book fairs and in prime exhibiting locations. Official exhibits mean high visibility, promotion and traffic, and will help drive the audience, including book buyers, publishers, agents, media, librarians and more to your books and ebooks. The New Title Showcase is a partnership between Reed Exhibitions and The Combined Book Exhibit and the Global Rights Showcase is a partnership between The New York Rights Fair and Combined Book Exhibit.

How do these Exhibits Work?

Each exhibit has a unique catalog containing all pertinent title and company information for all participants, including pricing, ISBN numbers, company contact information and booth numbers should you have a booth at the fair.

Each title is labeled with a QR code with a number, which corresponds to its number in the exhibit catalog. The exhibits are organized alphabetically by publisher, so no favoritism is shown to any one company or author.

All books are displayed face-out and publishers and authors can enter their titles individually, or purchase one or more publisher shelves to accommodate more books. Publisher shelves come complete with company sign indicating company name and booth number if applicable.

Ebooks are displayed with their covers on a large monitor, with each cover being "clickable." Clicking a cover will show the contents of the book, similar to browsing a print book. The eBook program uses proprietary technology to convert PDF files (which you upload during the registration process) to interactive JPG files that cannot be copied, printed or saved. No books are sold via the eBook display, so DRM and exclusive distribution deals are not an issue-the exhibit, print or ebook, is for marketing and promotional purpose only.

Ebooks will have their corresponding print book (if the user registers both) or a printout of the book's cover on display in numeric order in the print section of the exhibit.

Every title entered into each fair will also be included in an online searchable database located here at Each database will contain the same information as the exhibit catalog (including pertinent title and company information) as well as images of each title. Your information will be included on the database for one full year.

For each catalog and database, the included information is exactly as you want it to be, based on what you include when you fill out the registration form.