Book Category: Poetry > Women Authors
Author: Seven Books
Editor: Seven Books
Illustrator: none
Binding: Easy Read Large Print Paperback
ISBN 10: 1731201710
ISBN 13: 9781731201713
Publication Year: 2018

Publisher/Contact Info

432 Publishing Etc.

2293 3rd Ave Apt 403,
New York, New York - 10035
Country: USA
Web: http://[email protected]
Distributors/Wholesalers: Amazon
Book Description

Words Changeā€¦, is a poetry book, written to provoke deeper thought and gives permission, to express ourselves, uniquely. If you like spirituality or are curious about it, this book, will give insight

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amazon.com/WORDS-CHANGE-Zra-Koi/dp/1731201710 amazon.com/Words-Change-Pandemic-Seven-Books