The Jealousy Of Jalice

Book Category: Fiction > Fantasy > General
Author: Jesse Nolan Bailey
Binding: e-book
ISBN 10: 1734361603
ISBN 13: 9781734361605
Price:  2.99
Publication Year: 2020
Alternative Binding: Paperback
Alternative ISBN 10: 173436162X
Alternative ISBN 13: 9781734361629
Alternative Price:  15.99
Alternative Publication Year: 2020

Publisher/Contact Info

Jesse Nolan Bailey

1006 Byram Rd,
Durham, North Carolina - 27703-3477
Country: USA
Phone: 9196188709
Email: [email protected]
Book Description

In this dark fantasy, two women enact a scheme to overthrow a tyrant chief by first kidnapping his wife. Annilasia whisks Jalice off into a forest infested with beasts and demonic entities, while Delilee, remains behind to spy on the chief.