The Red Car That Tyler Wanted

Book Category: Juvenile Fiction > General
Author: Mary A. Kurban
Binding: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781949006544
Publication Year: 2018

Publisher/Contact Info

Westwood Books Publishing LLC

10389 Almayo Ave, Suite 103,
Los Angeles, California - 90064
Country: USA
Email: [email protected]
Book Description

This illustrated children's book depicts a rabbit called Tyler trying to be a very good rabbit so that his mother would buy him the red car he wants for his birthday. After he receives the car, he is very happy. However, an uninvited guest at his birthday party was very sad without a toy. Tyler's mother had purchased toys only for the invited friends of Tyler. Tyler's heart went out to the uninvited guest's sorrow, and to make him happy he offered him his new red car. Still, Tyler had a very happy birthday celebration.