SubTitle: A Memoir of Children and Teens Combating Cancer
Book Category: Biography & Autobiography > Medical
Author: Janalee Tomaseski-Heinemann
Editor: Jenkins Book Publishing
Illustrator: Yvonne Fetig Roehler
Binding: Perfect Binding
ISBN 13: 9780960085309
Price: USD 14.95
Publication Year: 2019

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Adam's Angel's Publishing

5600 Beach Way Dr. unit 206,
Sarasota, FL - Florida - 34242
Country: USA
Phone: 9416856044
Email: [email protected]
Key Contact
Name(1): Janalee Tomaseski-Heinemann
Email: [email protected]
Name(2): Tracy White
Email: [email protected]
Book Description

A very personal memoir of children and teens with cancer- an intimate glimpse into their world and that of their families. This book will make you laugh and cry and marvel at the indomitable spirit of children

Book Review and Awards

It is not a sad book because the children have left a legacy for us to learn from. Janalee does us the favor of transmitting that profound legacy to us.”