Yellow Tulips

Book Category: Fiction > General
Author: Elizabeth, Sesso
ISBN 13: 9781480992610
Publication Year: 2019

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Dorrance Publishing

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 15238
Country: USA
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Fax: 412-387-1319
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Book Description

Anastasia struggles to understand what the psychic meant about a previous life. And a man in that life? What?s that about? He did mean a previous life, she confirmed it with him. But how long ago? What does this mean? Is this real? Is she going crazy? Anastasia meets with a psychologist, hoping he can help her. In order for the psychologist to meet with her, he has to cancel his regular father-daughter lunch. Their lives intertwine throughout Yellow Tulips. Join Elizabeth Sesso?s narrative and you won?t be disappointed with the journey.