Book Category: Fiction > Alternative History
Author: Aalia Lanius
Binding: e-book
ISBN 13: 9781733769822
Price: USD 9.99
Publication Year: 2019

Publisher/Contact Info

Unsugarcoated Media

Los Angeles, California
Country: USA
Phone: 6572225681
Email: aalia.lanius@gmail.com
Web: http://www.UnsugarcoatedMedia.com
Key Contact
Name(1): Aalia Lanius
Title: Author
Email: aalia.lanius@gmail.com
Name(2): Angela Amaya
Title: Publicist
Email: featherpublicity@gmail.com
Book Description

Ernst is a teen-aged boy in London spying for the Nazis on a wealthy Jewish family in 1937. Clark is a modern-day American teen planted in a Muslim home to prove they are terrorists.