SubTitle: A Memoir of War and Family
Book Category: Biography & Autobiography > Military
Author: Gordon E. Cross; Robert L. Fowler; Ted Neill
Editor: Nicole Saunders
Illustrator: Agata Broncel - Gordon E. Cross
Binding: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781730959738
Price: USD 12.95
Publication Year: 2018
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Publisher/Contact Info

Tenebray Press

5001 Ravenna Ave NE. Apt 4,
Seattle, Seattle - 98105
Country: USA
Phone: 9192609911
Book Description

Three memoirs of two men, Gordon Cross and Robert Fowler, who served in the 134th Regiment in WWII and Fowler's grandson, Ted Neill. The 3 stories interweave and examine the heroism and scars of war.