SubTitle: Book 1 in the Fighting Zombies Series
Book Category: Juvenile Fiction > Science Fiction
Author: Ted Neill
Editor: Nicole Saunders
Illustrator: Agata Broncel - Bukovero Designs
Binding: Paperback
ISBN 10: 1986005674
ISBN 13: 9781986005678
Price: USD 8.95
Publication Year: 2018

Publisher/Contact Info

Tenebray Press

5001 Ravenna Ave NE. Apt 4,
Seattle, Seattle - 98105
Country: USA
Phone: 9192609911
Email: tenebraypress@yahoo.com
Web: https://www.tenebraypress.com/
Book Description

Neill moves from folktale to action, comedy to cosmology, rural to urban, material to spiritual, with the ease of a master storyteller in stories written for the HIV+ orphans he befriended in Kenya.