SubTitle: or The Fright Before Christmas
Book Category: Juvenile Fiction > Holidays & Celebrations > Christmas & Advent
Author: Gig Wailgum
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN 13: 9780985078010
Price: USD 18.95
Publication Year: 2012
Alternative Binding: Paperback
Alternative ISBN 10: 0985078030
Alternative ISBN 13: 9780985078034
Alternative Price: USD 9.99
Alternative Publication Year: 2012

Publisher/Contact Info

Wailgum Art Yarns

3 Gard Court,
Greenwich, CT - 06831
Country: USA
Phone: 203 807 6321
Email: gig@gigwailgum.com
Web: http://www.gigwailgum.com
Key Contact
Name(1): Gig Wailgum
Title: author illustrator
Email: gig@gigwailgum.com
Book Description

A monstrous take on the holiday classic “The Night Before Christmas”. Santa Clops is the one-eyed cousin of Kris Kringle who brings coal to children on the naughty list.

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