SubTitle: Beyond Chester Creek
Book Category: Body, Mind & Spirit > Healing > Prayer & Spiritual
Author: Joel Carter
Binding: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9780974584720
Price: USD 14.95
Publication Year: 2012
Alternative Binding: Paperback
Alternative ISBN 13: 9870974584737
Alternative Price: USD 19.95
Alternative Publication Year: 2012

Publisher/Contact Info

Canukshuk Artworks Publishing

3236 Humboldt Avenue South,
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 55408
Country: USA
Phone: 218-310-3528
Book Description

Multi-award winning ‘Rockpeople’ by Harvard trained palliative medicine physician, author & artist Joel Carter explores the use of brokeness creatively as source for healing & finding life's balance.

Book Review and Awards

Eric Hoffer 2013 1st Runner Up Award Award:Art. IPPY Award Bronze Medal 2013: Inspiration. Nautilus Book Award 2014: Gift & Speciality.