Resurrection Lily

SubTitle: The BRCA Gene, Hereditary Cancer & Lifesaving Whispers from the Grandmother I Never Knew
Book Category: Medical > Genetics
Binding: e-book
ISBN 13: 9781480867079
Price: USD 3.99
Publication Year: 2018
Alternative Binding: Paperback
Alternative ISBN 10: 1480867063
Alternative ISBN 13: 9781480867062
Alternative Price: USD 19.99
Alternative Publication Year: 2018

Publisher/Contact Info

Amy Byer Shainman, Author

Email: [email protected]
Key Contact
Name(1): Amy Byer Shainman
Email: [email protected]
Book Description

This medical memoir paints a timely, moving, and insightful portrait of what it feels like to inherit a BRCA gene mutation and a high risk of developing certain cancers; includes doctor/expert input.

Book Review and Awards

IPPY AWARD 2019 BEST ADULT NON-FICTION PERSONAL E-BOOK SPR BOOK AWARDS HONORABLE MENTION "Shainman's memoir is poignantly inspirational throughout...she provides sensible information about medical due-diligence, especially involving genetic testing."

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