Book Category: Education > Preschool & Kindergarten
Author: L.S.V. Baker
Illustrator: M.E.B. Stottmann
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN 13: 9781938647215
Price: USD 18.63
Publication Year: 2018

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Baxter's Corner

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Harrods Creek, Kentucky - 40027
Country: USA
Phone: 502-554-7752
Email: PlayMaster@BaxtersCorner.com
Web: https://www.baxterscorner.com/
Distributors/Wholesalers: Ingram POD
Book Description

Ellema Sneezes is about being respectful. Ellema the elephant suffers from allergies. When she sneezes, everything around her blows away. Once she learns to control her sneezes, everything calms until

Book Review and Awards

"Mommy, Ellema said cover your mouth when you sneeze said my 5 year to me the day after reading this him this book!” Christina, Ohio